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Christian Fülling
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“Dreamwork offers the opportunity to subconsciously clear up
open questions regarding the character, to experience the answers in the dream landscape, and to position the experience in the acting. Thus out of relaxation, a character is developed who has not been constructed, but whose life of its own I’ve summoned. To me, as an actress, the door to the unconscious stands open. Thank you for this wonderful new technique for building a character.”

Anna Luise Villinger, actress in Extasy and Honey


“The dreamwork provides to the actor the valuable avenue to get an insight of the inner impulse, psychological motives, and the “vertical” of the character; to experience some of the character’s inner life. This technique can be seen as a magical artifact in building the character.”
Carsten Waldeck, actor in Extasy and Honey



“After dreamworking, the character simply emerged.
The actor made way for his behavior, his psychic states,
his history, his desires, his worldview, and his imagination.”

Janet Sonenberg


“After the actors had allowed the dreams to embody them,
their performances reached a depth of authenticity
which previously had not been present.”

Robert Bosnak


“When you’re hooking into your unconscious
or working on a dream, you’re connected in a real way
that you are not manufacturing or trying to force.”

Kate Walsh


“There’s dark and light within you. So there’s a way of not going
outside for inspiration, but going inside.”

Meg Ryan



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