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“All past and future ideas
are already expectantly comprised in the universe;
thus it is not primarily man who grabs an idea,
but originally the idea that grabs man.”

© Christian Fülling




The above quotation from one of my aphoristic essays pretty much reflects my artistic ideas. The idea to tell stories already grabbed my attention at a young age, without paying enough respect to it. During my relatively late acting education in New York, the idea of being a writer slowly but surely came back into my life. Since then, I have written several plays, short stories, and lyrics.

I strive to penetrate the deeper layers of the human soul and of existence in general. My diverse experience of life and relevant professional experience in psychological therapy provide me with many ideas that I intend to tell. As a graduate business economist and educated salesman, my main occupation has varied in positions in national and international business alike.



  • Two-year acting education / Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute, NYC
  • Certified practitioner in psychotherapy
  • Diploma in dream-therapy / Dr. Maria-Luise Schäper, Berlin
  • Graduated business economist
  • Apprenticeship in “Wholesale and Foreign Trade”
  • Several years experience as an actor, off-theatre director, film producer's assistant and also as a psychological counselor, therapist and coach
  • Multi-year working experience in sales and international trading at various major enterprises
  • Five years international experience in USA, Spain and the Netherlands